My warm and hearty greetings to all the alumni of St Aloysius College!

On behalf of the Management, the staff, the students and the parents, let me extend my sincere welcome to this exciting and interactive site. It is with humility and pride that we have expanded our sphere of influence with the wider community in saying a big thanks to all our supporters over the past 139 years. This medium will continue to propel our noble institution in the right direction. Our student population is growing; they participate in a number of activities and are doing exceptionally well. The list of our students displaying excellence and bringing great accolades to the College has been growing in leaps and bounds in recent years. We are proud of the dedicated faculty and talented students who have contributed immensely to the several distinctive achievements that we have received in during the past. Today, we are on threshold of acquiring the status of a deemed–to–be University. I hope that you are also equally excited about this unique and most deserved prospect.


Despite its status as a minority institution, the college has imparted high quality education to all sections of society regardless of caste, colour or creed.  The motto of the college, “Lucet et Ardet” which means “shine to enkindle” has inspired countless students to become men and women for and with others, thus bring light and joy into the lives of people. Inculcating social awareness and enhancing social concern is one of the main thrusts of the college. We are extremely proud of our alumni/ae who have turned into agents of radical social change. The context we live in today is marked by profound changes, acute conflicts and new possibilities. The world is in need of building a future of solidarity with all sections of the society. We have to fine tune higher education to the needs of the society. Creativity, critical thinking and conscience are the imperatives for bridging the ever widening g gap between communities and cultures. We invite you to join us in our endeavor by being an integral part of forming men and women for and with others.

I invite all of you to further strengthen the bond of friendship and belongingness and take SACAA to a new and augmented trajectory of growth as we are at the crossroad of transition from an Autonomous College to a University driven by excellence and service to humanity. It will be our earnest endeavor to extend and expand the reach of the institution beyond the state and the country. Our long term vision is to establish a University of global standing and relevance. Our faculty, staff, students and alumni actively work in cohesion to create conducive environment where every student develops roots of responsibility and wings of freedom leading to their holistic development and lifelong learning.  We teach, coach, counsel, and impart life skills through a wide array of student activities.  We make it a mutual learning process, standing behind every student and enjoying with them as well.   We have a supportive, learning environment with each one of us duly engaged, accessible to our students, and many other lighter opportunities to interact with each other through extra-curricular Associations and clubs, social volunteering initiatives. As you are aware, the diversity and multiculturality of the campus is our great strength and the campus is a veritable microcosm of our country, India. While we develop leaders of tomorrow, we encourage students to take risks, to be entrepreneurs, to be the job creators rather than being job seekers.


I wish that this great initiative of SACAA will be a significant value addition to the active engagement of all alumni and facilitate great bonds of affection, friendship and collaboration. 

The future holds tremendous promise for all of us.

It begins with you. Let’s create it together, and be proud of it.


Rev. Dr Praveen Martis, SJ