St. Aloysius College Alumni Association (SACAA) is a vibrant and active connotation of the like minded.   While our primary objective is to remain connected and continue associating with all our former students of the Institute, it is also important for all of us to ensure our institution grows in reputation, quality education and size.   

SACAA is a connection between Alumni and their Alma mater and therefore, a permanent membership to SACAA by all former students of the institution will enhance the sphere of joy by meeting and sharing experience with each other.    The existence of SACAA dates back to many years and it has contributed to the institution in many ways towards development of the alma mater whilst remaining as strong support when needed.

The objective of SACAA also extends to alleviation of poverty, empowerment of women, upliftment of the marginalized, protection of human rights and environment thereby, we proactively contribute to our society and institution which facilitated our primary growth.

Now that the Alma-mater is on its way to obtain “Deemed to be university” status in the very near future, SACAA is expected to provide a strong support to the institution and therefore, our responsibility is now doubled to extend our efforts to contribute our best for the success of university status.

I am sure the “SACAA website“ will greatly improve the communication system between former students, and with continuous flow of information on news related to development in the campus, the alumni all over the world will be abreast of the campus development.

Let us look forward to the success of SACAA and our institution which formed us.


Stephen Pinto

President, SACAA