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We, the Ex-students of the St Aloysius Institutions, Mangalore have resolved to form ourselves into a registered Association so as to bring together all the Alumni of our Alma Mater and accordingly have resolved to register our Association and have it called as the St Aloysius College Alumni Association.

Patron’s Message

To walk through the hallowed portals of a prestigious institution like St. Aloysius College is indeed an awesome experience. It is all the more an indescribable experience to return to the institution as an alumnus and relive poignant memories with mirth and excitement of a playful youth. But to return to such a glorious educational academy as Rector, for me, has the most humbling experience. 

I know this undeserved privilege is mine to lead this institution through the next few years, towards a destiny of seeing it grow into a university. I know it’s my time now to give unreservedly. This very institution shaped my future and made me what I am today. I am sure many an alumnus out there shares my sentiments of love, loyalty and gratitude towards our alma mater for what she has done to us. Our hearts will surely beat with pride and joy when we return to the open arms of this ‘nourishing mother’ (alma mater). 

This fledgling of a College is now developing wings and is attempting to fly high and to soar into the skies of unlimited opportunities. Having to attain the standards of a university, the institution is truly going through birth pangs in order to provide world class facilities and infrastructure. The resources we have are hardly helping us acquire that cutting edge. This is where we alumni in a concerted effort can come together and make sure our service in the field of Education reaches the neediest. This is our contribution to society and our endeavor in nation building. I trust in your goodwill and cooperation.

President's Message

St. Aloysius College Alumni Association (SACAA) is a vibrant and active connotation of the like minded.   While our primary objective is to remain connected and continue associating with all our former students of the Institute, it is also important for all of us to ensure our institution grows in reputation, quality education and size.

Director's Message

On behalf of the Management, the staff, the students and the parents, let me extend my sincere welcome to this exciting and interactive site. It is with humility and pride that we have expanded our sphere of influence with the wider community in saying a big thanks to all our supporters over the past 139 years. This medium will continue to propel our noble institution in the right direction.

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The College Chapel​

The College Chapel​ The College Chapel is centrally located. People of all religions find it a place of inspiration, personal reflection and prayer. The Chapel is enriched with historic frescoes and canvas paintings, the only one of its kind in India, by the master painter, Italian Jesuit Brother Antonio Moscheni S.J. (1854 – 1905), done in 1901. The paintings suffered the ravages of humid Mangalore and have been restored in 1994 and once again in 2018. The beautiful College Chapel is also a world tourist destination.